Rochester, N.Y.- Monroe County's recycling program is expanding.

Beginning June 1, plastics numbered 3 through 7 can be recycled.

County Executive Maggie Brooks says the expansion provides people with more options in recycling common household items.

You can find the number of the plastic on the bottom of containers.

The number is surrounded with the recycling logo.

If the numbers 1-7 are present, then the material is safe to place into the recycling bin.

Some examples of acceptable clean plastic and metal items include:

  • recycle boxDrinking cups
  • Yogurt containers
  • Plant pots/containers
  • Non-Styrofoam take-out containers
  • Empty steel/tin cans
  • Empty aluminum cans/bottles
  • Durable kitchen cookware
  • License plates (cut in half)
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A complete list of acceptable and unacceptable recyclable materials may be found by visiting the Monroe County Department of Environmental Services website. Click here.