Honestly Rochester, can anyone really say that they enjoy lugging bags of trash to the mailbox?  And if there's one thing that's even less desirable than taking the garbage out, it's taking the garbage out when there's a sheet of ice under your feet.  Even the most simple loss of balance, awkward step, or invisible patch of black ice can spell disaster.

One of the most common causes of ice-related accidents, are the result of those who do not take it seriously.  Failing to recognize the threat ice can pose to a driveway, alley or walkway, is just asking for a nasty fall. 

Fortunately, there are things you can do to stay safe and upright.  Let's review some of the most simple and practical.

Don’t Be a Stranger of Habit

When the ground freezes, all bets are off and you can't simply do things in auto-pilot mode.  Remember that ice isn’t always visible, and black ice can be impossible to detect with the naked eye.  Take your time, open your peepers, and never underestimate the seriousness of falling on ice.  

driveway saltKeep Driveway Salt on Hand

This one is nearly effortless and extremely effective.  Salt is a safe, effective and inexpensive way to keep your driveway, path or sideway free of standing ice.  Keep in mind that standard salt can burn your pets paws, be sure to look for the pet-friendly version if that's a concern.

Install Solar Path Lights

For under $30-40, you can illuminate just about any icy walkway, greatly reducing your risk of falling on hard-to-see ice, while taking out the garbage.  Just about every store carries them, and are available individually or in sets.

You can also have us pick your garbage up at your garage, so that you do not have to walk in bad conditions.