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  • If using your own containers or bags, weight cannot exceed 60 pounds per container or bag.  Fiber barrels, oil drums, lawn carts and wheel barrels are improper receptacles and we reserve the right not to handle these containers.

  • Waste and recycling should be ready for collection by 6:00 a.m. the day of your collection.  We recommend putting your trash out the night before your collection day.  All curbside waste and recycling should be within five feet of the curb.

  • Most towns are responsible for collection of brush and leaves.  Please contact your town to see what their collection procedures and schedules are.  If your town does not collect brush, please contact our office as we may be able to make special arrangements.  Boon & Sons is not responsible for leaf collection.

  • A reasonable amount (1-2 cubic yards or six 30 gallon bags) of bulk items will be collected on a weekly basis provided that it is in containers, bundled or neatly arranged so as to facilitate easy collection.  The material must be able to be handled by one man safely and will not damage our equipment.  Additional charges may apply for amounts exceeding this limit.  Contractor’s building waste, dirt, rocks, sod, trees, grass clippings, concrete, cars and similar items cannot be handled by our residential equipment.  Please contact our office to arrange for roll-off service.

  • Hazardous waste will not be taken.  Please call Monroe County’s Household Hazardous Waste Program at (585) 753-7600.

  • Please make sure your container is not blocked to ensure that your pickup can be made on schedule.  


We are closed on the following holidays:  New Years, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Click Here to view our current Holiday Schedule


Electronic equipment cannot be disposed of with normal trash collection and must be recycled by law.  Electronic equipment covered under the law includes Computers, Televisions, Cathode ray tubes, Small scale servers, Computer peripherals, and Small electronic equipment (i.e. VCR's, DVD players, Video game consoles). 

Due to rising costs, Boon & Sons is no longer a collection facility for Electronic equipment.  Monroe county residents can bring there Electronic equipment, or ewaste, to EcoPark located at 10 Avion Drive, Rochester NY 14624.  EcoPark contact information is as follows:

Phone: 585-753-7600

Website link:


Appliances are picked up separately from your regular trash and are recycled.  There is an additional charge for Freon (CFC’s) and non-Freon appliances.  Please contact our office if you require an appliance or large item pickup.    


Please contact our office prior to your planned vacation to temporarily stop your service and receive proper credit.  Vacation credits are given for vacations lasting at least 2 weeks and a maximum of 2 credits will be given during any calendar year.  Unfortunately you are not eligible for a vacation credit if you paid six or twelve months in advance.  Also please remember to contact our office when you return from vacation to reinstate your service.


Boon & Sons offers the following payment options:

Quarterly Billing – You will receive a bill for three months of service in advance.

Six -  Month prepayment – We offer a 2% discount if you choose to pay six months in advance.

Twelve  - Month prepayment – We offer a 5% discount if you choose to pay twelve months in advance.

If you choose to pay six or twelve months in advance please note the following:

  1. You agree to use the services of Boon & Sons, Inc. for the period of time as indicated by the advance payment.

  2. Advance option payment must be paid within due date indicated on the invoice to make this offer valid.

  3. No credit will be given for vacations.

We offer senior citizen discounts for our senior customers.  Please contact our office to find out if you qualify.

There is a $50.00 charge for returned checks.

Please note that if your service is suspended due to non-payment, there will be a $20.00 re-instatement charge to resume service.

Our rates are subject to change with or without notice.  Some services are not available in certain areas.

Your Visa or MasterCard is always welcome for payment.

visamaster card


Boon & Sons is glad to issue a proportionate refund for customers moving out of our service area.  Refunds take at least four weeks to process.

Boon & Sons reserves the right to terminate and or refuse service with or without cause.  Any pro-rated refunds that apply at time of termination will be processed within four weeks.

Upon any cancellation of service, non-returned equipment will be billed at $89.00 for toter carts and $5.00 for recycle bins (plus applicable sales tax)

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